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Lensdepictions is a growing archive of Photography & Vector Art/ Illustrations where you can Browse and Download
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All the work displayed here is created and owned by a single artist, Gyaneshwari Dave.

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The Artist's Statement:

More often than not, I see the world around me in “Frames”, and, I totally devour the process of creating my unique interpretations out of them, my own compositions, with a perception, from a perspective, and from a vantage point (physical or virtual) – which would be so unique to me, inevitably. 

Because no two persons see things in a similar way. Because there is always a different depiction! 

I feel this awesome excitement in the process of trying to depict a meaning, idea, or soul of a subject and hopefully telling a beautiful story thereby.

My mediums for this subtle endeavor are photography & illustrations

And I enjoy the conflicting challenges involved in both of them, equally. 

In photography, you have hardly any possibility for changing anything on the “canvas”, and so, you have to work your imagination to choose what to include in your composition and how. In Illustration, on the other hand, your canvas is totally blank, and so, the possibility of your composition is limited only by your imagination!

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Note: As on Oct 2017, the images on this website will not available for purchase for some period of time. Contact for any queries or questions.