Anya Dreaming of The Woods!

"You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes."


  From The House at Pooh Corner, By A.A.Milne

“Anya Dreaming of The Woods” is my ongoing Art Prints series about a little girl called "Anya".

In Hindi language, “Anya” means, “someone else”.

And this girl is someone else, because her idea of play and happiness is unorthodox, she is totally disengaged from the worldly pursuits of a regular child.

Anya is fascinated by woods, the flora and fauna, and is ever so keen to interact with them. As she wanders in the woods, simple aspects of nature greatly appeals to her untouched sense of wonder and awe. Her eagerness is as profound as it is innocent.

Curiosities arisen in her unartifical mind makes her lean so trustingly towards the wilderness...She talks to trees, laughs with wildflowers, has quiet rendezvous with animals. Somehow, her young heart believes that she will know everything there is to know...just by being in the woods!

My imagination about Anya, is inspired from my love for nature and my very own forest fantasies as a kid.

I used to live in a small town in India, located at the foot of mountains, surrounded by a jungle, when I was around 10 years of age. I was blessed enough to visit those hills and the woods often. I left that place soon to move to a city, but the impressions of those hills and the jungle endured in my heart forever. It became a permanent longing to be in the mountains and woods.

And after all these years too, to me, visiting national parks, being in the wilderness, walking the trails - these are the greatest sources of pleasure, wisdom, soul searching and intellectual stimulation.

In the effortless poise of mountains, in the joyfulness of wildflowers, in the wisdom of the rocks, in the self-contentedness of trees, I find peace, greatest of all.

Well, I will keep dreaming of the woods and Anya will keep walking through them, experiencing graciousness of nature, every step of her way...

Enjoy Anya’s this extraordinary journey through woods as I try to observe and freeze each and every of her actions every time she stops!

The Artist


Each Art print in this series is my original work, hand drawn as a sketch and then digitized.

Each Art Print is signed, and, is part of a limited edition print run.

Available in two sizes : 8*10 Inch OR 16*20 Inch.

Once the print run is sold out for an Art Print and/or Size, that particular Art print will be retired forever.

So, if you love it, buy it now!

"The Listener"

The Listener - Art Print In Frame

"The Stroll"

The Stroll - Art Print In Frame

"The Comradery"

The Comradery - Art Print In Frame

"Look At Me!"

Look At Me! - Art Print In Frame

"Can I Come In?"

Can I Come In - Art Print In Frame